VCode® partners with GiftPay to reduce fraud in the gaming industry

The collaboration sees Gift-Pay utilise VST’s VCode scanable symbol technology, enabling customers to collect winnings without delay or fear of fraudulent payouts.

Gift-Pay will sell VCodes to gaming operators with a payment schedule assigned to it. The person interacting with the scanable VCode then provides their unique user ID associated with the operator to gain access to their funds.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises, said: “Despite the strides made in digital payment systems, credit redemption remains problematic.

“Prepaid debit cards can often be difficult to redeem, and repayment laws in certain countries divert payments through credit approval houses, which slow down transactions.

“In response to these issues, we have partnered with Gift-Pay to offer a comprehensive solution for the i-gaming industry.

“When businesses buy a VGift from Gift-Pay, they’re able to offer instantaneous credit transactions worldwide, which are legal and uninhibited by credit approval houses,” said Davis.

VSTE confirms Gift Pay deal –

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