VST Enterprises adds to its new business team

“Manchester-based VST Enterprises has appointed 10 new sales consultants to its new business team, bringing its number of employees up to 30, in response to the company’s rapid growth and continued plans for expansion.

Based at various locations including the USA (New York, Reno & Chicago), India, Isle of Man, Singapore and Kuwait. The team will be responsible for liaising with blue chip companies and governments with the aim of creating opportunities for VST Enterprises’ versatile scanable technology, VCode, where it has the potential to revolutionise new industries.

The appointments come as the company reaches the final stages of its fifth round of funding at a £30m pre-money valuation, following the opening of its first US office in New York. The company is also due to open a second US office in Reno later this year.

VCode was developed by co-directors Louis-James Davis and Andy Gilbin and allows any mobile handset user to gain a range of information instantly and securely. By downloading the app, scanning a VCode takes the user directly to a company’s website or portal.

The versatile technology is currently being used to reform information delivery in many sectors including document delivery, car park payment systems, and oil shipping.

Louis-James Davis, chief executive and founder of VST Enterprises, says: “It has been an amazing year for the company and our expansion rate has been incredible considering we’re still in the start-up phase.

“It feels like now is the right time to expand our new business team, and I have no doubt that they will play a huge part in our goal to establish ourselves as a global leader in scanable technology.”

Among the new appointments is Ian Grieve, Gordon Livingstone and Timothy Wright III.

The VCode app is compatible with all iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and, unlike traditional bar or QR codes, VCodes can be scanned from any screened media, from distances of up to 100m and virtually any angle. Furthermore, each code is completely unique to eliminate the problem of mainstream counterfeiting.

For further information on VST Enterprises, please visit www.vstenterprises.com or to download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play.”

Timothy Wright III joins the Board at VST Enterprises

VST Enterprises is continuing its expansion, with the second senior board appointment in a matter of weeks.

Following Mike Farnan’s arrival at the start of the month, it’s announced that prominent US lawyer, Timothy Wright II will also join its executive board.

Wright is managing partner of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. in Chicago. He was Bill Clinton’s first director of domestic policy and has been a Presidential appointee in 3 Presidential administrations.

“I am excited to be a part of this team. What VST Enterprises has embarked upon is nothing short of revolutionary, and will have a major impact in the marketplace,” he stated.

He arrives as the Manchester firm expands into American, with a New York office opening at the end of September.

“Once again, we’re thrilled to be making the announcement of yet another high-calibre appointment to our growing executive board of directors,” added Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises.

“Timothy’s undoubted experience and expertise in the energy sector and unrivalled public affairs knowledge adds several strings to our bow and signposts the start of a very exciting journey for the VST Enterprises team across the Atlantic.

“We’re already in discussions with key decision makers, making great inroads in to the sports, retail and security industries with our powerful and very unique product.”

Leading US Lawyer joins VST Enterprises board – Prolific North

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