KPMG veteran joins VST Enterprises

VST Enterprises, the Manchester-based technology company behind award-winning scannable symbol technology, VCode® today announces the appointment of former KPMG Partner John Hughes as Chairman.

The announcement comes at a pivotal time in VST Enterprises’ international growth, having recently announced the addition of two former Elavon Vice Presidents to its business development arm in the US.

Prior to joining VST Enterprises, John worked with KPMG for 28 years where he became Partner in charge of Transaction Services.

As Chairman for VST Enterprises, John will not only bring his professionalism and breadth of industry experience, he also brings a work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit to match the current executive team. An essential combination to succeed in today’s competitive technology arena.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises has said, “John is exactly the right person to act as Chairman for VST Enterprises. He recognises the rising urgency for a solution like VCode® and will channel our recent rapid progress into long-term success. Ultimately John will play a key part in enabling us to achieve our goal of eradicating fraud and counterfeiting on physical items with end-to-end traceability, by making VCode® a ubiquitous standard for user authentication and access control.”

At KPMG, John built a reputation for fostering success, working with budding new businesses including Pets at Home and to transform them into household brand names. John was at the forefront of defining how businesses approach due diligence, and conducted worldwide training on professional standards for business transactions.

“When I was first introduced to VST Enterprises, I recognised instantly a team of astute innovators determined to solve a security issue that negatively affects many lives and organisations on a daily basis. At VST Enterprises we have one goal right now; to deliver efficient solutions to counterfeiting and fraud that will improve access and security globally. This capability will range from online shopping and gaming, through to electronic benefit transactions and national ID cards.” Said John Hughes, Chairman of VST Enterprises.

“At KPMG I saw a number of smart businesses grow from a powerful vision into something very special, I helped foster growth and brought professionalism to bright young ventures. I am looking forward to doing the same for VST Enterprises.”

The versatile VCode technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of online transactions and interactions. It is currently being utilised to protect against fraud on a diverse range of financial transactions including shopping, gaming, document verification, unattended car park payment systems, and charitable giving.

VSTE bosses are already planning expansions into Asia through their office in Singapore.



“A pioneering Manchester firm is taking its cutting edge technology to India – alongside the Prime Minister.

VST Enterprises (VSTE) has been lauded for its development of VCode, which, among other applications, has the potential to revolutionise financial transactions on the internet.

The versatile VCode technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of online transactions and interactions. It is currently being utilised to protect against fraud in many sectors, from document verification, to unattended car park payment systems, and interactive charitable giving transactions. VSTE bosses are already planning expansions into Asia through their office in Singapore.

And their trip to India, which will see them board the new Prime Ministerial plane alongside Theresa May – will allow them to explore new markets in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Prime Minister Theresa May said:

I know VSTE prides itself on its ‘infinite possibilities’ – and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy.

The internet is already part of our everyday lives, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential.

Manchester’s exciting tech industry is already sparking new ideas and new businesses and VSTE will be able to spread the word in India.”

VSTE will be joining other small and medium sized firms in seeking new business on the trip to one of the world’s biggest economies.

Louis-James Davies, CEO at VST Enterprises, said:

We are truly delighted to be taking the next step towards international growth as part of the Prime Minister’s trade mission. We have come an incredibly long way in such a short amount of time and I believe this is due to the growing need for a solution like VCode across international markets and sectors. In India specifically it’s about providing assured online security across large-scale government schemes, such as ID cards and the benefit system. We hope our technology can play a key role in the deployment of such schemes and are looking forward to conversations around this in the days ahead.

The visit will include South Asia’s largest tech fair. The UK-India TECH Summit will be hosted in New Delhi by the Prime Minister and her Indian counterpart. It is designed to help boost hi-tech trade between India and the UK.

The Prime Minister will use the Indian visit to deliver on the ambitious vision for Britain after Brexit she set out in a speech last month, forging a new global role for the UK as a country with the self-confidence and the freedom to look beyond the continent of Europe.

And she will use the visit to deliver on her pledge to create an economy that truly works for all, by introducing new and emerging enterprises, as well as more established players, to the key Indian market.”



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