VST Enterprises CEO, Louis-James Davis, wins Finance Monthly CEO Award

VST Enterprises is proud to announce that its CEO, Louis-James Davis, has won a Finance Monthly CEO Award. The publication, which focuses on FinTech, finance and business news carefully researches each year to identify the most hard-working, ambitious and forward-thinking CEOs in the corporate world.

Louis-James has said: “I am delighted to be selected as a winner, having seen VST Enterprises soar in the last year. This year, the company has announced a number of strategic partnerships that will harness the power of our scannable code technology, VCode. This year we’ll start to see VCode being used in many different sectors, enhancing security and saving money in areas prone to fraud and counterfeit.”

The company has grown exponentially this year under Louis-James’ leadership. It has recently received significant investment from private sources, with Louis-James retaining 80% of shares in the company. VST Enterprises has recently been valued at £220million.

Finance Monthly’s Editor-in-chief, Mark Palmer commented: “It is imperative for every business striving for success to have a leader whose diligence, innovative thinking and ingenuity inspire their team to demonstrate the same qualities and achieve excellence. We are happy that all of the individuals that are listed within Finance Monthly’s 2017 CEO Awards are corporate leaders who aspire to these qualities and whose enthusiasm and hard work help their companies successfully accomplish their goals.”

Read more about Louis-James’ achievements in the Finance Monthly CEO Awards Winners Edition here.

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