VStreams: A New Age of Video Marketing

The minds of market-leading video strategy platform, ZiMovi, and VST Enterprises, have combined to bring the world the latest in video tech innovation: VStreams.

The cutting-edge technology enables interactive customer engagement via bespoke video content  that opens up a world of personalised content that can be used to engage consumers. From promotions and event activity, to merchandise, the possibilities for businesses have become endless.

In the simplest terms, VStreams uses VST Enterprises’ scannable technology, VCode®, to allow users to securely access personalised information, no matter where they are, through a smart device. With VStreams, a customer can effortlessly scan the VCode, either as a call to action or by scanning a watermark embedded within the video, taking the user to external content.

In recent years, video marketing has become more influential in a society driven by the Internet, Netflix and smartphones. Always connected, consumers are more influenced by the videos appearing on their social media newsfeed than television adverts, posters or billboards. In this time of viral videos, businesses need to utilise new technology, such as VStreams, to target consumers where their attention currently lies and capitalise on demand.

The innovative technology promises high definition, and even offers video content in 360 degrees and virtual reality. What’s more, all analytics can be accessed live in the platform, allowing businesses to constantly change their VCode(s) by responding to viewer demands and trends.

All content is completely secured by matched pre-set security parameters, enabled by VCode, which has been awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for its anti-counterfeiting and traceability functionality.

Speaking about the collaboration between the two companies, Karl McCaffrey, Director of ZiMovi, commented: “The next generation of video marketing is now possible thanks to the infinite possibilities of VCode. The potential for businesses is immense and we’re thrilled to be powering the platform behind it.”

VST Enterprises founder and CEO, Louis-James Davis, added: “We’re proud to be working with ZiMovi to turn the concept of VStreams into a tool that’s not just functional, but powerful too.

“We’re currently applying VCode to a number of different avenues, but creating video technology directly for the consumer is definitely something we’ve been looking forward to rolling out, and we’re excited to see the impact that it will have on business marketing this year.”

For more information about VStreams, click here, or watch this video to see VStreams in action.

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