VST Enterprises hand-picked for Grant Thornton business growth report

Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting member firms, recently reviewed the current business landscape in the North West to decipher the key components needed to cultivate a successful business. The firm hopes to encourage and inspire other ambitious business leaders looking to accelerate their growth performance.


Grant Thornton identified four key characteristics for successful business growth in this region and hand-selected a number of companies who have effectively met them in order to expand nationally and internationally.


  •    Purpose-driven
  •    Invested in top-line growth / willing to seek external funding and engage in M&A     activity
  •    Tech confident
  •    Networked


As a consumer technology and security company that has expanded rapidly over the past 12 months, really showing what the North has to offer, we we’re selected by Grant Thornton analysists to contribute to their report.


Giving kudos to VST Enterprises and the other businesses involved, Carl Williams, Practice Leader for the North West, Grant Thornton UK LLP said: “In the North West, we’re lucky to be home to some truly exceptional and inspiring businesses, a number of which have contributed to this research. However, if we as a region are to unlock our economic potential, it’s clear that we must learn from these best-in-class companies by being brave and tenacious in seeking new opportunities to grow.


“These companies are ambitious, purpose-driven enterprises. They are embracing the power of technology, are alive to the possibilities of international trade and open to forging new, value-enhancing partnerships. They are thinking big in terms of external investment and M&A – and have clear strategies to reach the next level.”


Our CEO, Louis-James Davis, spoke with Carl and the Grant Thornton team about the importance of technology, support from investors to expand to a number of lucrative markets around the globe, and encouraging a true Northern economic powerhouse.


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To read to the full report, go to: https://www.grantthornton.co.uk/en/insights/planning-for-growth-in-the-north-west/


Hon. Louis-James Davis, founder and CEO of Manchester-based consumer technology and security company, VST Enterprises, has been named as the new Science and Technology Ambassador to the Zimbabwean Government.

The ambassadorship was granted to Louis-James at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January, followed by a formal ceremony in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare which will take place at the end of March. The ceremony is set to be attended by ministers and government officials, as well as representatives of the Zimbabwean press corps. The honour follows some 12 months of close co-operation between VST Enterprises and authorities in Zimbabwe to develop innovative ways to address key economic challenges in the country through VCode®, the company’s cutting-edge authentication technology.

Commenting on the ambassadorship, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, explained: “Louis-James and his company, VST Enterprises, have been a crucial support to the Zimbabwean government in recent months, as we continue our work to rebuild our country’s economy. The solutions Louis-James and his team are developing are truly at the cutting edge of technology, helping to go a long way towards tackling the challenges hindering Zimbabwe’s economic recovery.

“Now, as our new Science and Technology Ambassador, Louis-James will be able to take this work even further, operating in partnership with the government in a wide array of areas to find even more innovative ways to further improve the lives of the Zimbabwean people and lay the foundations for a happier, more prosperous future for the nation.”

VCode was awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for its anti-counterfeiting and end-to-end supply chain and traceability capabilities, and has been commended by UK Prime Minister Theresa May. A completely secure means of verification, information held within the VCode® can be set and tracked in real-time in the cloud-based tracking portal, the VPlatform.

With VST Enterprises, Louis-James will be implementing VCode to tackle illegal mining, counterfeiting and issues with border control, as well as introducing identity cards and tax collection for informal businesses to provide life-changing benefits – such as new infrastructure, schools and a boost in the economy – for the entire population.

Louis-James added: “The way the new government has embraced innovative technology is a testament to its commitment to putting the Zimbabwean economy back on its feet.

”We are proud of the work we’ve done so far to support the country in this goal. We’re looking forward to leveraging this new honour to do even more to help the people of Zimbabwe create a prosperous future.”

Louis-James has been celebrated for his technological innovation and business leadership, having recently been named as Manchester’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Chairman’s Rising Star for expanding VST Enterprises’ global presence to tackle the most prevailing issues in counterfeiting, fraud and money laundering.

A dedicated philanthropist, Louis-James is Ambassador for KidScan Children’s Cancer Trust and Cancer Research UK, as well as promoting the next generation of technology entrepreneurs as a Creative, Digital & Health Care Technology Ambassador for the Manchester Metropolitan University.


About VST Enterprises

VST Enterprises is the company behind VCode® and the VPlatform. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has international offices in New York, Reno, Hong Kong, Armenia, New Delhi and South Africa.

VCode represents the next generation of code scanning technology – the technology enables users to access personalised information securely through a mobile phone or smart device. Each code is unique and matched to pre-set security parameters that vary the level of access and information per user. The technology can be adapted for a range of consumer, business and government applications, providing a secure means of verifying information.

A VCode can be scanned from over 100 metres, with a 40:1 distance to size scan ratio, at 160 degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen. This allows users to access exclusive content and make purchases while on the move.

Supporting the VCode app is the VPlatform – a secure, cloud-based portal that allows users to create VCodes and manage the content they lead to. The VPlatform also provides users with real-time analytics on who scanned their VCodes, and when and where the scans took place.

On top of this, push notifications and rewards can be sent back to individuals who have made VCode scans via the VPlatform, offering significant engagement possibilities for brands with their client base.


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