VST Enterprises hand-picked for Grant Thornton business growth report

Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting member firms, recently reviewed the current business landscape in the North West to decipher the key components needed to cultivate a successful business. The firm hopes to encourage and inspire other ambitious business leaders looking to accelerate their growth performance.

Grant Thornton identified four key characteristics for successful business growth in this region and hand-selected a number of companies who have effectively met them in order to expand nationally and internationally.

  •    Purpose-driven
  •    Invested in top-line growth / willing to seek external funding and engage in M&A     activity
  •    Tech confident
  •    Networked

As a consumer technology and security company that has expanded rapidly over the past 12 months, really showing what the North has to offer, we we’re selected by Grant Thornton analysists to contribute to their report.

Giving kudos to VST Enterprises and the other businesses involved, Carl Williams, Practice Leader for the North West, Grant Thornton UK LLP said: “In the North West, we’re lucky to be home to some truly exceptional and inspiring businesses, a number of which have contributed to this research. However, if we as a region are to unlock our economic potential, it’s clear that we must learn from these best-in-class companies by being brave and tenacious in seeking new opportunities to grow.

 “These companies are ambitious, purpose-driven enterprises. They are embracing the power of technology, are alive to the possibilities of international trade and open to forging new, value-enhancing partnerships. They are thinking big in terms of external investment and M&A – and have clear strategies to reach the next level.”

Our CEO, Louis-James Davis, spoke with Carl and the Grant Thornton team about the importance of technology, support from investors to expand to a number of lucrative markets around the globe, and encouraging a true Northern economic powerhouse.

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To read to the full report, go to: https://www.grantthornton.co.uk/en/insights/planning-for-growth-in-the-north-west/

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