VST Enterprises welcomes new operations director to the fold

Manchester, UK, 7 February 2018 – VST Enterprises, the Manchester-based consumer technology and security company, has appointed telecommunications expert, Melissa Hendry as its new Operations Director.

With more than 14 years’ experience in telecommunications and technology, Melissa brings considerable expertise in the sector, making her an ideal addition to the VST Enterprises team. In her role, she will be responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the company, overseeing a wide range of processes, including security and risk auditing, policy creation, strategic planning and key project delivery, playing a vital role in securing future business growth.

Melissa comes to VST Enterprises from ZiMovi, a centralised video management, hosting and distribution platform, created to give video owners complete control over their entire video catalogue. While at ZiMovi, Melissa worked closely with VST Enterprises to develop an innovative new application for the company’s scannable technology, VCode®, called VStreams. With VStreams, a customer can effortlessly scan the VCode as a call to action or watermark embedded within the video taking the user to external content, or scan a VCode leading them to the video itself. Melissa will continue in an operations leadership role at ZiMovi, and will divide her time between the two companies.

Speaking about her new position at VST Enterprises, Melissa explained: “As a long-time technology security professional, I’m particularly excited by VCode’s potential. Founder Louis and his team are doing what no one else has managed to yet – what may seem a simple code is so much more than that. No other technology that I’ve encountered has come even close to VCode’s security applications, required in so many sectors.

“I’m looking forward to working more with such a game-changing technology, and playing a role in helping it to transform the technology and cybersecurity space.”

CEO and founder of VST Enterprises, Louis-James Davis, commented: “I first worked with Melissa at ZiMovi, and her work on building VStreams was truly impressive. It’s fantastic to have her join as the newest addition to the team. Her experience in digital security is second to none, and will prove a vital asset to VST Enterprises as we continue to introduce our market-disrupting technology to new industries around the world.”

To find out more about VST Enterprises and VCode®, visit: https://vstenterprises.com/.

 VST Enterprises

 VST Enterprises (VSTE) is the company behind VCode and the VPlatform. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has international offices in New York, Reno, Hong Kong, Armenia, New Delhi and South Africa.

VCode represents the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. A VCode can be scanned from over 100 metres, with a 70:1 distance to size scan ratio, at 160 degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen and even when they are microscopic on bank notes or minerals. This allows users to access exclusive content, check the validity of an item and make purchases while on the move.

 Supporting the VCode app is the VPlatform – a secure, cloud-based portal that allows users to create VCodes and manage the content they lead to. The VPlatform also provides users with real-time analytics on who scanned their VCodes, and when and where the scans took place.

On top of this, the VPlatform enables push notifications and rewards to be sent back to individuals who have made VCode scans, offering opportunities for brands to significantly enhance engagement levels with their client base.




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