VST Enterprises shortlisted for the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2018

Manchester, UK. 20thAugust 2018: VST Enterprises’ CEO and founder, Louis-James Davis, shortlisted for the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2018 in the category of Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year.


Innovators are purpose-driven pioneers of change. This rare breed of entrepreneur is conspicuous for their modest talk and wealth of action; they pick up on the missed stitches in business to bring solutions that make our lives easier, faster and better connected.

Tenacious and analytical, innovators live outside the box and are guided by their entrepreneurial imagination. Free flowing ideas mean they naturally adapt to change and take the lead while doing so. They expect the unexpected and perceive opportunity in all facets of life.

The Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year will engender these attributes through unique alternatives that have improved their sector and disrupted the status quo.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards

VST Enterprises

VST Enterprises (VSTE) is the company behind VCode and the VPlatform. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has international offices in New York, Reno, Hong Kong, Armenia, New Delhi and South Africa.

VCode represents the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. A VCode can be scanned from over 100 metres, with a 70:1 distance to size scan ratio, at 160 degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen and even when they are microscopic on bank notes or minerals. This allows users to access exclusive content, check the validity of an item and make purchases while on the move.

 Supporting the VCode app is the VPlatform – a secure, cloud-based portal that allows users to create VCodes and manage the content they lead to. The VPlatform also provides users with real-time analytics on who scanned their VCodes, and when and where the scans took place.

On top of this, the VPlatform enables push notifications and rewards to be sent back to individuals who have made VCode scans, offering opportunities for brands to significantly enhance engagement levels with their client base.











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