The founder of Manchester based cyber security tech company VST ENTERPRISES LTD has taken back strategic control of the company he founded following a unanimous decision of the main shareholders board.

Hon Louis-James Davis who created and founded VSTE, has been re appointed  some 18 months later by the main shareholders board following the exit of former MD Paul Greaves. 

VSTE – which is headquartered in Manchester England and operational in over 16 countries – is already being viewed by industry insiders as one of the UK’s fastest rising cyber tech companies.

The company is expected to make a series of significant announcements on its expansion plans in the coming months including the appointment of a former investment banker and city high flyer as its new Chairman. The twenty-five year veteran of the banking industry is one of the city’s most influential and highly respected figures. 

VSTE – now back under the control of Louis-James Davis – has already signed a contract with an International Government service provider based in the United States Of America to provide identity systems to generate unique ID codes in Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico and South Korea as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiatives laid down by the United Nations.

VSTE which has developed unique coding technology – “VCode®” and “VPlatform®” is being hailed as the cyber equivalent of DNA science. The company is at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technology for secure online transactions. The VCode® technology which is being used in the banking and financial sectors, allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of transactions and interactions. 

VCode® is used to provide ultra secure financial transactions, virtual mobile wallet payments as well as providing secure identification services and authentication. Its wider commercial applications include the use of its technology in supply chain logistics, retail, distribution, sales promotion and marketing platforms. The technology can also be used in combatting counterfeiting, piracy and the exploitation of conflict minerals.

VCode® was awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for its anti-counterfeiting and end-to-end supply chain and traceability capabilities and has been commended by UK Prime Minister Theresa May. The technology provides a completely secure means of verification, information held within the VCode® can be set and tracked in real-time in the cloud-based tracking portal, VPlatform®. VSTE’s unique technology means it can be used in a wide range of business, financial and Government applications in every day life. 

Last year VSTE founder  Hon. Louis-James Davis was named as the new Science & Technology Ambassador to the Zimbabwean Government by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The ambassadorship was granted at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  He will be presented to the President Of Zimbabwe in an official ceremony later this year and which will be attended by Ministers and Government officials. 

VSTE is now actively providing technology in country to help with the economic recovery of Zimbabwe. The company will be implementing VCode® to tackle illegal mining, counterfeiting and issues with border control, as well as introducing identity cards and tax collection for informal businesses to provide life-changing benefits – such as new infrastructure, schools and a boost in the economy – for the entire population. 

VSTE counts some of the biggest global brands and blue chip companies in its client base to provide its VSTE technology in their financial, business marketing, sales and supply chain. The company is also working with a number of domestic and overseas Government organisations including those in law enforcement, military and defence. 


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