Manchester based cyber tech security company VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) has secured another major recognition of its ground breaking cyber technology services after being awarded a public sector procurement contract for the UK Government’s latest cloud based infrastructure G-CLOUD 11. 

The G Cloud framework is an agreement between the UK Government and private sector suppliers who provide technology cloud based hosting, software or support services. Public sector organisations can use and access this digital marketplace to buy services more quickly and cheaply than if they had to enter into individual procurement contracts with each supplier.

VSTE – which recently appointed veteran city banker and Chairman Of UK Finance Robert “Bob” Wigley as its new Chairman – is one of the fast rising stars of the tech world having developed ground breaking cyber DNA technology.  The unique “VCode®” and “VPlatform®” technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves in a secure and encrypted way across online transactions and interactions. The company is paving the way in financial technology, counterfeiting, anti piracy, financial authentication and secure ID services.  

As a part of this acceptance protocol for G-CLOUD 11, it will mean that the basic terms of use have already been agreed between the Government and private sector suppliers in advance. This means that public sector buyers can purchase services directly from VSTE without the need to run a full Office Journal Of The European Union (OJEU) procurement process each time.  This will allow public sector organisations to not only get value for money for the tax payer but also access to the latest cutting edge technology services in a more efficient and streamlined service.

Having a presence on the G-CLOUD 11 network is the best possible way for innovative businesses like VSTE to provide public sector organisations with its outstanding cyber tech security services. VSTE counts some of the biggest global brands and blue chip companies in its client base who are currently using its technology in their financial, security and IT systems infrastructure, as well as business marketing, promotion, sales and supply chain logistics. 

VSTE is actively working with and providing services to the UK Government and a number of foreign Government organisations including those in law enforcement, military and defence providing technology services.

In 2014 the EU commission passed legislation stating that all items entering into the EU must prove their provenance. A report by the European Innovation Network (EIN) identified “VCode®” as the only standalone technology that could address the issue and accordingly VSTE was awarded the EU Seal Of Excellence for its solution.

One of the key remits of the G-CLOUD 11 framework is to encourage smaller British private sector firms to pitch for Government business. In doing so this gives public sector organisations access to the very best and innovative businesses providing cutting edge technology and services.

There are several elements to the “VCode®” and “VPlatform®” technology that are highly valuable to the public sector enterprises. The technology can be used to authenticate the identity of users, provide secure transaction data, increase the security and protection of personal information, sensitive data and confidential records.  The system also allows complete traceability, end to end transparency and encryption whilst at the same time helps authorities to tackle counterfeiting, piracy, financial and benefit fraud as well as improving tax and excise practices.

The procurement process for G-CLOUD 11 was led and executed by VSTE Director Nicole Davis who successfully secured the procurement tender. This is now the second year running that VSTE has been awarded this recognition.

Commenting on the announcement today VSTE Director Nicole Davis said; 

“VSTE are pleased to have been selected as one of the top cyber tech companies in the UK to be accepted onto the G-CLOUD 11 framework.  Britain is leading the way as innovators and creators of digital technology and cyber services. As the UK Government continues to make the procurement process more accessible between the public and private sector, it can only benefit to stimulating the economy and the growth of SME’s. At same time G-CLOUD 11 gives the public sector access to cutting edge technologies and expertise. Ultimately by having a more diverse and unique technology supply chain means better value of technology services for the Government.


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